Maestro Fuzz-Tone Demonstration Record (1962)

Gibson introduced the first ever Fuzz-Tone pedal under their Maestro brand in 1962. The initial retail price was $40. They were optimistic about the prospects of selling a lot of Fuzz-Tone effects and produced over 5000 that first year. The original hope for the Fuzz-Tone was less about distortion and overdrive and more about emulating string and … Continue reading

The Rolling Stones Visit The Playboy Club

I Miss My Surfer Boy Too (Hard to Find 45)

Another Hard to Find 45 post! This post is dedicated to the tune “I Miss My Surfer Boy Too” by The Westwoods, which was the musical answer to the song “NY’s a Lonely Town,” told from the perspective of the love-lorned girlfriend back home is Los Angeles. The track was written by Jack Keller and … Continue reading

How To Dress With Brian Jones