John Fante’s Los Angeles (Exert From “Ask The Dust”)

On paper, Los Angeles can be a hell or a paradise. Often times, depending on the author’s perspective, it is both. The city has always been a sprawling mess of contradictions, which is reflected in literary works based in Los Angeles dating back to the 1920’s till present time; a utopia that is inherently flawed, … Continue reading

David Masel Photography (Los Angeles)

“A dozen cities make some pretence of splendor without the slightest regard to the natural features of their site, and a hundred are plain or ugly when, on such a site, they might have been rendered splendid.” “California’s like a beautiful, wild… beautiful, wild girl on heroin… who’s high as a kite, thinkin’ she’s on … Continue reading

Sam Cooke

(Post originally published for The Vinyl District – 4/26/2010) I could write volumes upon volumes on what Sam Cooke’s voice means to me. More so than any other vocalist – or musician for that matter – Sam Cooke has always hit my ears the hardest (and softest for that matter) – has pulled my heartstrings the most. … Continue reading

Kevin Hayes

I met Kevin for the first time in Los Angeles on Gold Motel’s first tour of the West Coast. At the time, I was introduced to Kevin as a musician, not a photographer. Gold Motel was playing shows around California with Michael Runion, and Kevin was playing lead guitar in Michael’s band. A friend of … Continue reading

Goodbye L.A: A Love Letter

“One or another Is lost, since we fall apart Endlessly, in one motion depart From each other.” -D.H. Lawrence Goodbye L.A: A Love Letter (Written in real time, in the back of a van) Without too much of an argument, a half pint turns into a pint. “We’ll split it between the four of us, … Continue reading