This entry of the Hard To Find 45’s series showcases Atlanta based guitarist and singer, Lee Moses – an under appreciated soul artist whose recorded catalogue begins in the mid-60’s with a handful of unsuccessful singles and covers for the Musicor label (including “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix, “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” by The … Continue reading

The Cousins – Dang, Dang (Hard to Find 45’s)

And now for a brand new addition to E. Hehr1955’s Hard to Find 45’s. The Cousins we’re a Belgian based band who specialized in writing teenage party anthems with an Americana surf-rock twist. In Belgium, their style of music was known as rock ‘n twist. Outside of Belgium, not too many people knew what rock … Continue reading

Tarantula Ghoul – Graveyard Rock/King Kong (Hard to Find 45’s)

One of the most enigmatic horror hosts from the Golden Age of TV is Tarantula Ghoul,the vampy monster of ceremonies played by Suzanne Waldron for KPTV’s House of Horror from 1957 to 1959. No footage from her show is known to survive.  All that is left are some articles, a few photos, ads for her … Continue reading

Voodoo Kiss by Don Sargent & The Buddies (Hard to Find 45’s)

“A teen-oriented rock ‘n’ roll singer from California, we know Don Sargent from a handful of obscure 45s from the late ‘50s, but, other than that, there’s very little to work with. It’s easy to imagine Sargent as a sort of a Ricky Nelson-type, though, a good-looking guy with a perfect white smile, a pleasant … Continue reading

The Del-Rays – Jungle Beat (Hard to Find 45’s)

  Check out this  rare, raucous, delinquent instrumental HERE E.