Photographer – Craig Seymour. Model – Eric Hehr. Bryn Mawr Historical District/Uptown, Chicago IL. 16 May 2012. Advertisements


Marianne Faithfull // Sister Morphine

The following photos of Marianne Faithfull were taken while filming La Motocyclette (Girl on a Motorcycle), 1967 E.  

Danny Lyon Photography

The following images are from Danny Lyon’s “The Bikeriders,” which is a collection of photos that chronicle Lyon’s travels as a member of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club throughout the mid 60’s. They are some of my favorite photos of all time. Leather, denim, rubber, metal, pomade, dirt & gasoline. Rock ‘n roll. E.

Bipperty-Bopperty Hat

How To Dress With Brian Jones

Melvin Sokolsky Photography

Fashion photography has always been an interest of mine. I find it to be one of the best representations of commercialized art, and I find beauty in utilizing art forms for the sake of advertising and commerce. Fashion photography is a visual art form that can easily be reduced down to a visual stimulant to … Continue reading