Photographer – Craig Seymour. Model – Eric Hehr. Bryn Mawr Historical District/Uptown, Chicago IL. 16 May 2012. Advertisements

AMERICA: In Color From 1939-1943

While I have made a conscious effort to limit the aesthetic of this blog to black and white, the following post is a worthy exception to my pre-conceived sense of stark minimalism. These photographs are simply stunning and speak for themselves, so I will keep this introduction short and sweet. The photos posted are my … Continue reading

The Loose Change Collective: Chicago Electronica

UR Chicago publishers Matt DuFour and Chess Hubbard, (the latter also joined by Moneypenny bandmate Jessica Gonyea) and Team Bayside High recently talked with ChicagoVerseUniteD about the newly formed Loose Change collective, a grouping of like-minded electro nightlife talent from throughout the Chicago scene. The group discuss the motivations for uniting, future plans for the collective, and … Continue reading