The Cousins – Dang, Dang (Hard to Find 45’s)

And now for a brand new addition to E. Hehr1955’s Hard to Find 45’s. The Cousins we’re a Belgian based band who specialized in writing teenage party anthems with an Americana surf-rock twist. In Belgium, their style of music was known as rock ‘n twist. Outside of Belgium, not too many people knew what rock … Continue reading

Bruce Davidson Photography: The Jokers, Brooklyn Gang (1959)

“Bruce Davidson’s 1959 project, Brooklyn Gang, is an intimate photographic study of a rebellious Brooklyn teenage gang, who called themselves The Jokers. Not only is Davidson’s work a sincere portrayal of troubled teenagers coming of age, but it also acts as a documentation of teenage life during 1950s, exposing the emotional climate of that time … Continue reading

The Honeycombs – Have I The Right (1965)

“Conspicuous in “Have I the Right?” is the prominent part of the drums that carry the song. Their effect was enhanced by making the members of the group stamp their feet on the wooden stairs to the studio. Meek recorded the sound with five microphones he had fixed to the banisters with bicycle clips. For the … Continue reading

Johnny Cash (Through the lens of Leigh Wiener)

    Photography by Leigh Wiener

Hitchcock Directs the MGM Lion

Photograph by Clarence Sinclair Bull,  1958.

Tarantula Ghoul – Graveyard Rock/King Kong (Hard to Find 45’s)

One of the most enigmatic horror hosts from the Golden Age of TV is Tarantula Ghoul,the vampy monster of ceremonies played by Suzanne Waldron for KPTV’s House of Horror from 1957 to 1959. No footage from her show is known to survive.  All that is left are some articles, a few photos, ads for her … Continue reading

Elvis Presley – My Happiness (1953)

Elvis Presley with his cousin, Gene (1953) “My Happiness” is the first song Elvis ever recorded. It was tracked in the summer of 1953 at Sun Studios in Memphis. Elvis didn’t plan on doing anything with the recording. He just wanted to hear how his voice sounded. The rest is history. Listen to it HERE: … Continue reading

Jack Kittel – Psycho (Hard to Find 45’s)

So it’s been awhile since my last “Hard to Find 45” post, and I know that you’re all DYING to hear a new, obscure tune. The following song is probably the eeriest “Hard to Find 45” post yet. “Psycho” was originally written in 1966 by blind songwriter Leon Payne (who wrote songs for Hank Williams, … Continue reading