Photographer – Craig Seymour. Model – Eric Hehr. Bryn Mawr Historical District/Uptown, Chicago IL. 16 May 2012.

Lenny Gilmore Photography

I’m fortunate to have many talented friends and acquaintances. I’m also fortunate to have many hard-working friends and acquintances. However, the two rarely intersect. The talents suffocate themselves with impositions that stifle their productivity. The hard-working are too concerned about meeting deadlines to focus on creative endeavors. In a venn diagram format, the union of … Continue reading

The Strokes & Mixtapes

(The Strokes – Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond, Jr., Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti – in the midst of the current madness of readying their upcoming album, each band member freed up some time to talk with us at City Stage in lower Manhattan. Over the course of a couple days, each member of … Continue reading

High Speed Broadband Killed the Video Store

I was listening to the radio this morning, and in between traffic and weather reports the DJ announced that Blockbuster would be claiming bankruptcy within the next week. My initial reaction was somewhat cynical and unremorseful: Can’t keep up with the times, then the times will pass you up. The advent of companies such as … Continue reading

838 W. Newport. Chicago, IL 60657

I’m not a sentimental guy. (That’s a lie. I am a sentimental guy, but I try not to be. Sentiments lie in the past, and the past is always romanticized in retrospect. Thinking about an idealistic past only leads to wistful melancholy in the present, and I would prefer to move forward to the future … Continue reading

Scene From an Old & Unfinished Screenplay (October, 2008)

(I found an unfinished screenplay from over 2 years ago silently lurking in my Screenwriting folders from my first semester in Columbia College’s Film Department. Most of it reads like absolute shit to me – a half-assed, transparent rehash of the neo-noir genre. However, I decided to post an exert of it here because the … Continue reading

Sam Cooke

(Post originally published for The Vinyl District – 4/26/2010) I could write volumes upon volumes on what Sam Cooke’s voice means to me. More so than any other vocalist – or musician for that matter – Sam Cooke has always hit my ears the hardest (and softest for that matter) – has pulled my heartstrings the most. … Continue reading

Kevin Hayes

I met Kevin for the first time in Los Angeles on Gold Motel’s first tour of the West Coast. At the time, I was introduced to Kevin as a musician, not a photographer. Gold Motel was playing shows around California with Michael Runion, and Kevin was playing lead guitar in Michael’s band. A friend of … Continue reading

Gerry Rafferty – Right Down The Line

I fall in love with a song on a fairly consistent basis. It’s a similar process to falling in love with a girl and proceeding to engage in an intimate relationship: the first few listens are stimulating, inspiring; an affectionate obsession settles in and suddenly you have developed an addictive dependency; each day starts and … Continue reading

The Man Who Fell To Earth: Criterion Collection Strikes Again!

I recently purchased Criterion Collection’s revamped version of  Nicholas Roeg’s undervalued 1976 sci-fi masterpiece, The Man Who Fell To Earth. For those who are fans of David Bowie (especially Thin White Duke era Bowie), The Man Who Fell To Earth fulfils everything you could want out of a science fiction film starring a gaunt, coke … Continue reading