John Fante’s Los Angeles (Exert From “Ask The Dust”)

On paper, Los Angeles can be a hell or a paradise. Often times, depending on the author’s perspective, it is both. The city has always been a sprawling mess of contradictions, which is reflected in literary works based in Los Angeles dating back to the 1920’s till present time; a utopia that is inherently flawed, … Continue reading

Ayn Rand On Marilyn Monroe (August 1962)

This commentary by Ayn Rand, excerpted from The Voice of Reason, was originally published in the Los Angeles Times, two weeks after Marilyn Monroe’s death on August 5, 1962. At the time, Rand had begun writing a weekly column for the Los Angeles Times, and subsequently found her writing in national syndication. Despite the consistent notoriety … Continue reading

Objectivist Love

“A man’s sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life. Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself…he will always be attracted to the woman … Continue reading

Why Chicks Dig Roark

Holden Caulfield

Then, all of a sudden, I got this idea. “Look,” I said. “Here’s my idea. How would you like to get the hell out of here? Here’s my idea. I know this guy down in Greenwich Village that we can borrow his car for a couple weeks. He used to go to the same school … Continue reading

L’esprit de L’escalier

Frank Sinatra & George Michaels

(In 1990, The Los Angeles Times ran a story about singer George Michael’s plans to do no interviews, music videos, or touring to support his new album in an effort to get out of the limelight. Apparently, Frank Sinatra read the article and didn’t agree.) E.

Bowie on Hitler, Dylan, Dean, Drugs & Love

(From Cameron Crowe’s infamous Playboy interview with David Bowie, circa September 1976.) BOWIE ON HITLER BOWIE: Rock stars are fascists. Adolf Hitler was one of the first rock stars. PLAYBOY: How so? BOWIE: Think about it. Look at some of his films and see how he moved. I think he was quite as good as … Continue reading

Dean & Bowie

I’m currently reading Bowie by Marc Spitz, and although I’m only a quarter way through it, it has already become one of my favorite biographies of all time. Not only does Spitz include vivid details about Bowie’s origins and career, but he also focuses on the British youth culture following post-WWII years into the 60’s, … Continue reading

Uncut Magazine: The Madness of The Thin White Duke

“Even at the remove of nearly 35 years, it’s hard to imagine Station to Station as an album that would solve problems for David Bowie. Rather, this is a work of uncomfortable contradictions: it contains American crooning and European drone, songs of devotion and occult practice, of devoted love, and cold betrayal. It throws down … Continue reading