Who is E.Hehr1955?

My name is Eric Hehr.

I started this blog as a means to archive music, film, design, photography, and writing that I enjoy. I’ll keep the blog public so you can enjoy them too.

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10 Responses to “Who is E.Hehr1955?”
  1. Arnaldo says:

    Interesting article. I never thought to find anything written by Rand on Marilyn Monroe, but there you have it! I believe that Rand considered Monroe as her heroine alright. Why didn’t she mention Monroe’s anti- Objetivist lifestyle is rather beside the point. Rand was contradictory herself. A woman who believed blindly in Reason as the gist of life, and against everything that diminish that elan vital, and yet smoked like a chimney; or paraphrasing a friend, who wondered how come all Rand’s heroines, with all their supposed strengths and will power, would break down and follow sheepishly after some type of men. Contradiction was the case with Rand, and the extreme life of a Monroe, who went from foster child to a superstar did not hold anything beyond Rand’s capabilities to perceive beyond the contradiction that life imposes upon anyone.
    Thanks for showing an interesting aspect of Rand, which however does not denigrate her nor her work on Objetivism and her view of the American way of life.

  2. Paul Sheridan says:

    Please note, at

    that the full name of the photographer is O. Winstion Link.

    His life is very interesting too, esp later, with his wife Conchita stealing his work…


  3. juan says:

    intresting !!! saw you in Chicago Look street style— great style dude !!

    kuala lumpur

  4. Martin says:

    De très belles photos

    Merci !

  5. Brenda Miller says:

    I cited your analysis of “To The Harbormaster” by Frank O’Hara for a class paper. Thank you for a thoughtful analysis

  6. carole says:

    I spent my day at the office listening to the music you’ve selected – many of pure gems – and the photo section is breathtaking. thank you again for sharing. There are still people to have a taste of our day 😉

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