Voodoo Kiss by Don Sargent & The Buddies (Hard to Find 45’s)

“A teen-oriented rock ‘n’ roll singer from California, we know Don Sargent from a handful of obscure 45s from the late ‘50s, but, other than that, there’s very little to work with. It’s easy to imagine Sargent as a sort of a Ricky Nelson-type, though, a good-looking guy with a perfect white smile, a pleasant voice, and a dad who worked in the film industry. You know, the guy who always played the older brother’s best friend on television. The senior class treasurer, maybe.

And, somewhere in that chasm between white bred American wholesomeness and sadomasochistic energy throbs the irrepressible, kinky heart of “Voodoo Kiss.” That’s the beauty of this selection: it’s pure American product.

“Voodoo Kiss” was recorded in 1959 for the tiny Catalina label based in Los Angeles.”

Listen to it HERE


6 Responses to “Voodoo Kiss by Don Sargent & The Buddies (Hard to Find 45’s)”
  1. Mark R. Deaver says:

    Not only was Don Sargent from California, but he was from where I lived in the late 1950s: L.A.’s Crenshaw District, and attended Dorsey High School. I know this because my local record store owner, Annetta Berman of Walden’s Music, had an in-store promotion featuring his RCA Victor single, “The Jelly Coal Man” b/w/ “Ten Minutes To Heaven” sometime in mid-1958. I’m sure they must have thought he was going places being signed to a major label that had Elvis, after all. However it didn’t happen, and what became of Don Sargent after the 1950s, I do not know. Cool Hot Rod sound on the “A” side also, “Leadfoot”, kind of reminiscent of “The Ballad Of Thunder Road”.

    • mike sargent says:

      Hey Guys….I don’t know if you will ever see this, but I am Don’s grandson Mike Sargent. My grandfather unfortunately passed away about 7-8 years ago. He had a cabin right above Malibu lake CA and was an amazing person. I know he has quite a few more records that i have seen and listened to when visiting when i was younger, and even right before he passed, he was always playing his guitar and singing…..extremely laid back down to earth guy. Let me know if you have any other questions about him and thaanks for posting this.

  2. ehehr1955 says:

    Very interesting! Small world – can’t believe you both went to the same high school. I also wonder where Don Sargent is at today, or what became of him after the late 50’s. Perhaps further investigating is required. Thanks for checking out the blog, Mark!


    • Mark R. Deaver says:

      Actually I only went to the same high school, Dorsey, for a couple of months a decade later. Mostly I went to Morningside High School in Inglewood where the celebrities in my class were Vicki Lawrence and Stan Love, ex-Oregon State, Lakers player and father of current NBA star Kevin Love. I too wonder about the whereabouts today of Don Sargent. Yours, Mark.

  3. Wayne A says:

    Thank you very much for posting this song. I have been looking for it for a very long time. I remember it well, because there was a contest in Teen Magazine ( I think) to guess what car made the sound effects in the recording. The ad featured Don standing with his guitar and, maybe, a girl next to him. It turned out that the sounds were from a 1957 corvette ( My dad was a Chevy dealer at the time). Thanks, also to his grandson for letting us know about Don in later life.

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