Oliver Cool (1958)

Extremely rare, hard to find novelty 45 from 1958. I have uploaded both the A side and B side for your listening pleasure. Enjoy. This ones a gem!

LISTEN TO Oliver Cool

LISTEN TO I Love Girls

(Depending on your server, please allow a few moments to let the mp3’s load. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.)


5 Responses to “Oliver Cool (1958)”
  1. larry (oliver cool) ellis says:

    thank you for putting my least favorite recording. but i really enjoyed hearing it after all these years.

    thanks again
    larry ellis

    • Gary says:

      Hi Larry:

      I am working on a project that requires your birth day (month & day -year not necessary). Can you help me out? Also can you give me some details on yourself, like where were you from & did you record any other 45’s? Thanks ahead of time.


      Gary (Oldies Editor)

  2. John Feenan says:

    I have a copy of the record

  3. yrwehere says:

    I was just thinking about this song as I was walking down the hall in work (I remember it from when I was very young) so i decided to google it and found this. It was great to hear it again, although all I really remember is the chorus.

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