Goodbye L.A: A Love Letter

“One or another

Is lost, since we fall apart

Endlessly, in one motion depart

From each other.”

-D.H. Lawrence

Goodbye L.A: A Love Letter

(Written in real time, in the back of a van)

Without too much of an argument, a half pint turns into a pint.

“We’ll split it between the four of us, it’ll be fine.”

“That’s a lot of whiskey. I don’t think we need that much.”

“Well what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know, whatever you want. Go ahead, you’re call.”

The neon sign that hangs crooked outside hisses in breaths of neon yellow light. Hidden in the shadows of a dimly lit Hollywood street, a pint turns into a half pint.

“Can you hand me the Coke?”

“Do you want another pull?”

“No, that’s all I need for now.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. We’ll finish it later.”

“You want more?”

Standing behind the van waiting for the keys to the trailer, a half pint turns into a quarter of a pint.

“We’ll finish the rest at the hotel.”

“There’s not too much left over. We should just finish it now.”

“I’m good, man. I don’t need anymore.”

In the parking lot of a cheap hotel, an empty bottle smashes into the side of a dumpster.

“Oh Jesus, they have a hot tub here. Who’s coming with me?”

“We should be quiet though. It’s really late.”

“Dammit, I don’t think I have shorts.”

“Well then go in your underwear.”

“Fuck it, just go naked. Who gives a fuck?”

Whiskey stained memories and sundrenched recollections. Washed away by the tide of time; lost in an endless attic of crooked frames and blurry Polaroid’s and faceless names and echoing laughter. It will all evaporate in a few cities from now; cracked and crinkled like yesterdays paper.  We will splash around in our incessantly draining fountain of youth, skipping memories across stagnant water until the tub is drained and the bottle is empty.

You remind me of everything I don’t have, but already miss.

Goodbye L.A.


One Response to “Goodbye L.A: A Love Letter”
  1. Kevin says:

    sounds like a rip-roaring good time! i assume this is based on a true story?

    Dig – “incessantly draining fountain of youth”

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