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Maestro Fuzz-Tone Demonstration Record (1962)

Gibson introduced the first ever Fuzz-Tone pedal under their Maestro brand in 1962. The initial retail price was $40. They were optimistic about the prospects of selling a lot of Fuzz-Tone effects and produced over 5000 that first year. The original hope for the Fuzz-Tone was less about distortion and overdrive and more about emulating string and … Continue reading

John Fante’s Los Angeles (Exert From “Ask The Dust”)

On paper, Los Angeles can be a hell or a paradise. Often times, depending on the author’s perspective, it is both. The city has always been a sprawling mess of contradictions, which is reflected in literary works based in Los Angeles dating back to the 1920’s till present time; a utopia that is inherently flawed, … Continue reading


This entry of the Hard To Find 45’s series showcases Atlanta based guitarist and singer, Lee Moses – an under appreciated soul artist whose recorded catalogue begins in the mid-60’s with a handful of unsuccessful singles and covers for the Musicor label (including “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix, “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” by The … Continue reading

O. Ray Courtney’s 1936 K.J Henderson Motorbike

In 1936, at the height of the Art Deco movement, O. Ray Courtney built this custom motorcycle, based off of the 1930 K.J Henderson model. Little is known about Courtney, who built a variety of custom motorcycles throughout his life. In a Popular Science article from 1953, Courtney was briefly mentioned alongside photos of other … Continue reading

The Seven Year Itch: Consumerism, Gender Roles, Sexuality & 1950’s America

(This essay focuses on my favorite Marilyn Monroe film, The Seven Year Itch, and discusses the ways in which the film reflected the mainstream cultural landscape of America, as well as the ways it helped shaped it.) Billy Wilder’s 1955 film, The Seven Year Itch, manages to capture a nation on the brink of a … Continue reading


Photographer – Craig Seymour. Model – Eric Hehr. Bryn Mawr Historical District/Uptown, Chicago IL. 16 May 2012. http://craigseymour.com/

Julius Shulman Photography

Julius Shulman was an American architectural photographer who published many of his notable works during the 1960’s. Shulman’s photography is responsible for the worldwide spread of California mid-century modern design. “The clarity of his work demanded that architectural photography had to be considered as an independent art form. Each Shulman image unites perception and understanding … Continue reading

Eltham Palace Modernist Interiors (1937)

1930s Art Deco decadence epitomized itself at Eltham Palace, an often undervalued London tourist attraction. Built by the wealthy Courtauld family next to the remains of the original Eltham Palace, childhood home of Henry VIII, it’s the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in England. It has been referred to as a “masterpiece of modern … Continue reading

The Anonima Group (1960-1971)

AN ANONIMA IDEA (WITHIN THE WORLD) “Anonima means anonymity for its members in regard to the world. Anonymity is not necessarily a virtue in itself, an ideal state to be achieved. It is the basis of any group which values the results of collaboration more than the individual distinction of the collaborators. Anonima has as … Continue reading